Top 10 Pro Pickleball Players 2024 – Lastest Update

Pickleball, a sport that’s quickly gaining popularity, has a vibrant professional scene with elite athletes who showcase incredible skill and athleticism. These pro Pickleball players, through their dedication, passion, and competitive spirit, are shaping the sport and inspiring players of all levels. Not only are these athletes masters of the game, but they are also ambassadors for the sport, helping to spread its popularity and promote its unique appeal.

Top Pickleball Players: A Look at the Elite

Pickleball players are ranked based on their performance in sanctioned tournaments. Points are awarded for wins and high placements, contributing to a player’s overall ranking. The PPA and APP use these rankings to seed players in tournaments, ensuring competitive balance.

Top Male Players

1. Ben Johns

    • Ranking: #1 in the world
    • Playing Style: Aggressive, all-court play
    • Achievements: Multiple gold medals, including a 108-match winning streak
    • Interesting Details: Known for his strategic gameplay and athleticism

2. Riley Newman

    • Ranking: Top 5 globally
    • Playing Style: Versatile, strong in doubles
    • Achievements: Numerous mixed doubles titles
    • Interesting Details: Middle child of 7 siblings, adds a unique dynamic to his game

3. Tyson McGuffin

    • Ranking: Top 5 globally
    • Playing Style: Powerful, intense competitor
    • Achievements: Several gold medals in major tournaments
    • Interesting Details: Dubbed “The Most Electrifying Man In Sports,” conducts clinics and camps

4. Zane Navratil

    • Ranking: Top 10 globally
    • Playing Style: Innovative, known for his ‘Chainsaw Serve’
    • Achievements: Consistent high placements in major tournaments
    • Interesting Details: His serve revolutionized the game, adding a new layer of strategy

5. JW Johnson

    • Ranking: Top 10 globally
    • Playing Style: Steady, strong baseline play
    • Achievements: Numerous podium finishes
    • Interesting Details: Young rising star, bringing fresh energy to the sport

Top Female Players

1. Anna Leigh Waters

    • Ranking: #1 in the world
    • Playing Style: Fast, aggressive
    • Achievements: Youngest top-ranked player, turned pro at age 12
    • Interesting Details: Dominates the court with her speed and precision

2. Catherine Parenteau

    • Ranking: Top 5 globally
    • Playing Style: Technically sound, strategic
    • Achievements: Former top tennis player in Canada, multiple tournament wins
    • Interesting Details: Her transition from tennis to pickleball has been seamless and successful

3. Jessie Irvine

    • Ranking: Top 10 globally
    • Playing Style: Powerful, consistent
    • Achievements: Regularly reaches finals and semi-finals
    • Interesting Details: Known for her athletic background and dedication

4. Lucy Kovalova

    • Ranking: Top 10 globally
    • Playing Style: Defensive, tactical
    • Achievements: Numerous doubles titles
    • Interesting Details: Her partnership with Matt Wright in doubles is highly effective

5. Callie Smith

    • Ranking: Top 10 globally
    • Playing Style: Energetic, aggressive net play
    • Achievements: Regular podium finisher
    • Interesting Details: Balances professional play with personal coaching

Up-and-Coming Stars: The Next Generation of Pickleball Talent

The future of pickleball looks bright with emerging talents setting the stage alight.

    1. Anna Bright: An exciting new player, Bright is quickly climbing the ranks with her powerful play style and acumen. Her recent performances suggest she could soon be a major contender on the tour.
    2. Zane Navratil: Holding over eighty medals, Navratil’s technical proficiency and tactical savvy are heralding a new era of competitive play. His array of spins and shots is already causing ripples in the professional circuit.

These legends, powerhouses, and newcomers illuminate the sport, showcasing the depth of talent and dedication in professional pickleball.

Beyond the Court: The Lives of Pro Pickleball Players

Training and Preparation: A Glimpse into the Rigorous Routine

Pro pickleball players dedicate immense time and effort to maintain their peak performance.

    1. Daily Drills: Players like Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters engage in rigorous daily training regimes. This includes agility drills, reflex training, and extensive practice matches to hone their skills.
    2. Strength and Conditioning: Physical conditioning is paramount. Many athletes follow tailored fitness programs, focusing on building strength, flexibility, and endurance critical for sustaining performance during intense matches.

Their training regimens highlight their commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of mastery in pickleball.

The Competitive Spirit: A Passion for the Game

The mental fortitude and passion these athletes exhibit are noteworthy.

    1. Mental Toughness: Competing at the highest levels demands mental resilience. Players frequently engage in mindfulness exercises and visualization techniques to enhance focus and concentration.
    2. Dedication to Craft: Their drive to continually improve and adapt, as exemplified by pros like Tyson McGuffin, showcases a dedication that transcends mere participation.

Such competitive spirit is what fuels their dominance and sets them apart in the world of pickleball.

Life as a Pro: Balancing Pickleball with Other Passions

Balancing professional pickleball with personal life is a challenge, yet many athletes manage it gracefully.

    1. Family and Personal Interests: Players like Catherine Parenteau and Simone Jardim exemplify this balance, intertwining their family lives and other interests with their professional commitments.
    2. Community Engagement: Many top players are actively involved in promoting the sport, conducting clinics, and participating in charitable events, demonstrating their commitment to giving back to the community.

These aspects of their lives reflect the multifaceted nature of professional athletes, blending passion for sport with personal fulfillment and social responsibility.

The Impact of Pro Players: Inspiring the Next Generation

Role Models: Inspiring Future Players

Pro players serve as idols and mentors for the younger generation.

    1. Inspiration: Through their achievements and conduct, athletes like Ben Johns inspire countless young players to pursue their passion and aim for excellence.
    2. Mentorship: Many pros take the time to coach and mentor budding players, ensuring the next generation is well-equipped to carry the torch forward.

Their role as mentors helps instill valuable lessons and skills in aspiring athletes, fostering a rich and promising future for the sport.

Growing the Game: Promoting Pickleball’s Appeal

Pro players are instrumental in expanding pickleball’s reach and popularity.

    1. Media Engagement: Athletes frequently participate in media events, talk shows, and podcasts, generating widespread interest and enthusiasm for pickleball.
    2. Community Participation: Conducting training camps, playing exhibition matches, and engaging in local tournaments are some ways pros like Tyson McGuffin and Anna Leigh Waters are helping to build a vibrant pickleball community.

Their efforts are crucial in popularizing pickleball and cultivating a love for the game among diverse audiences.

Common Questions

Can anyone become a pro pickleball player?

    1. Training and Dedication: With the right amount of training, dedication, and a competitive spirit, anyone can venture into the professional realm of pickleball.
    2. Skill Development: Players need to develop core skills such as agility, strategic thinking, and a consistent practice regimen to excel.

What are the key qualities of a successful pro pickleball player?

    1. Athleticism: Peak physical condition and agility are vital.
    2. Mental Resilience: The ability to maintain focus, handle stress, and strategize effectively.
    3. Adaptability: Being able to adjust tactics according to opponents and circumstances.

What are some of the most common pickleball shots used by pros?

    1. Dink Shot: A soft shot played at the net, used to set up an offensive position.
    2. Drive Shot: A powerful shot aimed to push opponents to the back of the court.
    3. Lob Shot: Used to lift the ball over the opponent’s head, often resulting in a winning point.

How does the professional pickleball scene compare to other racquet sports?

    1. Growth and Popularity: Though relatively new, professional pickleball is rapidly growing and drawing larger audiences and sponsors.
    2. Competitive Structure: Unlike tennis or badminton, pickleball has unique tours like the PPA and MLP that provide diverse and engaging formats for spectators.


Pickleball has a dynamic and growing professional scene with talented players who are constantly pushing the boundaries of the sport. These pro pickleball players inspire aspiring athletes, showcase the incredible skill and athleticism of the game, and contribute to the sport’s remarkable growth. Follow the pro pickleball scene and get inspired by the athletes who are making a living playing the sport they love. You might just discover a new passion and a healthier, happier lifestyle!